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Seriously, friends, we're very proud of our hard-working bees. our honey, and our great website,  but the fact is, we're not commercial beekeepers, and we don't sell anything.  We just enjoy spending our time with 60,000 or so stinging insects, because that's how we roll.  Please buy fresh, natural honey from your local beekeepers, instead of from the supermarket. Expect to pay more, because it's worth it.  We hope you enjoy our pictures and stories, and we hope you'll learn so much, you'll want to support pollinators, or even give beekeeping a try yourselves. Stop by, we'll be happy to share the sweetness.

On Monday, June 26th, 2017, while we were away at work, members of the Village of Lynbrook Buildings and Police Departments entered our backyard, and over the protest of our neighbor, removed our hive,  vacuumed out our beautiful bees, and stole all the honey and comb.   Their claim was that we had violated an "infestation" code.

We don't think so. 

For more information, and to find out what we're doing about it, see our "Updates" page.

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Our honey comes from Carniolan honey bees working hard right here   on Long Island.  

We use no chemicals in our apiary, no pesticides in our garden, and no additives in our honey.  Pure, unpasteurized wildflower honey. What could be more natural?

Have any questions?   Just ask.  If we don't

know the answer, we'll make something up!

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