Suburban Sweet Apiary

Suburban Sweet, Strong Island, New York  2017

Nature's Sweetener

Horizontal measuring technique.

By the way, you can make this at home, easily.  It's fun on a snowy day.  We were lucky enough to have the beeswax left over from our uncapping procedure (you can see this on our Honey Harvesting Pics page) which we cleaned and rendered, but you can actually buy beeswax online from various apiaries.

You also need some kind of fixing oil (we used coconut), essential oil if you want fragrance, and jars, tubes or pots to put your finished product in. A kitchen scale is absolutely necessary.  A double boiler is nice if you have one, but we just used two pots of different sizes.

Honey Graham Crackers!

"You know, this is my cardio for the day."

Here is the beeswax and oils, heating in the pseudo-double boiler.

Do you really want to put petroleum products on your body?  We don't either.  These moisturizing hand creams and lip balm are made with beeswax from our hive, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and natural essential oils: lavender, cocoa, pine, and almond, among others.  Here are some photos of the process.  Sorry you can't smell it!

I recommend involving your hair in the dough, so no one will want to share the grahams with you.

You cannot cook, and you cannot make hand cream without applying SCIENCE!  And while you do not absolutely need two effing geniuses to calculate measurements, it certainly doesn't hurt.

These three people have the softest lips and the smoothest hands.

"Go buy this book.  It's a wonderful book. I own it. I fully...I'm going to give  a free commercial here. Go buy it today, everybody.  You can find it online."

Eat your heart out, Nabisco!

Rolling the graham dough.

Make no mistake:  this is SCIENCE!

The Effing Geniuses