Let It Bee  By, yes, the Beetles

Carpe Bee-um   Seize the bee

Drone Supremacy   Jason Bourne, eat your heart out!

Sweet Release  aaaaaaaah...

Queens NY  That's where queen bees come from...isn't it?

Life's a Bee-otch,  and then we fly

Royale With Bees  inspired by John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson

Honey Don't our tribute to Stingo Starr

Leslie's Joy

Comb Honey

The Champagne of Honeys

So rare, it's one of a kind!

Honorable Mention
Light Amber Category

LI Beekeepers Club
Honey Judging Contest

Suburban Sweet, Strong Island, New York  2017

Nature's Sweetener

Our Fine Honey Products

Hap-Bee Ending  a fine finish for your challah or holly bread

Chateau De Altman Chard-honee 2016   a classic vintage

I Got Hives    EpiPen not included

Beenie Sanders   From the originators of Democratic Socialism

Hive Music   It'll bee here all week. Don't forget to tip your servers!

Suburban Sweet Apiary