Suburban Sweet Apiary

Suburban Sweet, Strong Island, New York  2017

Hap-Bee Ending  a fine finish for your challah or holly bread

Chateau De Altman Chard-honee 2016   a classic vintage

I Got Hives    EpiPen not included

Beenie Sanders   From the originators of Democratic Socialism

Hive Music   It'll bee here all week. Don't forget to tip your servers!

Leslie's Joy

Comb Honey

The Champagne of Honeys

So rare, it's one of a kind!

Nature's Sweetener

Our Fine Honey Products

Let It Bee  By, yes, the Beetles

Carpe Bee-um   Seize the bee

Drone Supremacy   Jason Bourne, eat your heart out!

Sweet Release  aaaaaaaah...

Queens NY  That's where queen bees come from...isn't it?

Life's a Bee-otch,  and then we fly

Royale With Bees  inspired by John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson

Honey Don't our tribute to Stingo Starr

Honorable Mention
Light Amber Category

LI Beekeepers Club
Honey Judging Contest